10 Places Project

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10 Places Project by Mind Map: 10 Places Project

1. Paris

1.1. For buildings and monuments

1.2. Eiffel Tower

1.3. For the history

2. Brazil

2.1. Go for the beaches

2.2. Go for the carnaval

2.3. The food

3. New York

3.1. For the dfood

3.2. Statue of liberty

3.3. Jumbo tron

4. Bahamas

4.1. I would go for the beaches

4.2. Diving and snorkeling

4.3. I would go for the dining

5. Puerto Rico

5.1. Beach that glows

5.2. Go to see Atlantic ocean

5.3. Go for the food

6. North Pole

6.1. Go see the wild animals

6.2. Go see how cold it is

6.3. Go ice fishing

7. Las Vegas

7.1. I would wan to go to the concerts

7.2. Go for the atrractions

7.3. For the world class restaurants

8. Jerusalem

8.1. I want to go visit the old city

8.2. I also want to see temple mount

8.3. I also want to go see all the religious buildings

9. Sydney

9.1. Sydney Harbor

9.2. Would go to the beaches

9.3. Sydney opera house

10. Hawaii

10.1. I wanto to go for the beatiful scenary

10.2. Want to go for the amazing food

10.3. Want to go for relaxation