New students get involved

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New students get involved by Mind Map: New students get involved

1. Non-Technology

1.1. Tour around campus and classes

1.2. Talk about classes

1.3. Ask them what they are interested in

1.4. Ask them about what clubs they like

1.5. Have a couple students introduce themselves

1.6. Introduce them to teaches

2. Print

2.1. Newsletter

2.1.1. Clubs

2.1.2. Classes

2.1.3. Schedules

2.1.4. Electives

2.1.5. Activities around school

3. Video

3.1. Viewpoints of school campus

3.2. clips of students enjoying campus

3.3. clip of teacher teaching class

3.4. clip of Fowler high spring sport

3.5. video of clubs and dances