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Qnotes 3 by Mind Map: Qnotes 3

1. Login module

1.1. Login to NAS

1.2. Login to web

2. Main functions

2.1. Left menu and whole UI frame

2.1.1. Data usage

2.1.2. Network usage

2.2. "+" button

2.2.1. Function deploy after button click

2.2.2. UI developing

2.3. Notebook/ section/ note

2.3.1. Get list Site/ notebook/ section/ notes Expandable/collapsible site/notebook layout Swipe down to refresh

2.3.2. Add/edit Note editor Editor page Text editor function Insert/edit table Cursor position when editing Web, mobile app compatibility checking Parsing table Parsing notes content getting from station GPS location Choose location Speech to text survey

2.3.3. Pop up menu Notebook Add delete rename Share Section Add Delete Rename Move Share Note Rename Delete Share to Sharing Move Add/remove pw

2.3.4. Conflict handling

2.3.5. Online/offline handling

2.3.6. Cloud print API survey Pop up dialog to guide user to setting

2.4. Tag

2.4.1. Tag list Swipe down to refresh

2.4.2. Show notes by tag

2.4.3. Choose site

2.5. Share list

2.5.1. List Swipe down to refresh

2.5.2. Choose site

2.5.3. My shared data View/edit access right

2.5.4. Public link Stop sharing Cpoy link

2.6. Mount

2.6.1. Mount API/UI Cloud NAS

2.6.2. Unmount Cloud NAS

2.7. Trashcan

2.7.1. Delete

2.7.2. Restore

2.8. Search

2.8.1. Search among site

3. Others

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Settings

3.2.1. Conflict rule Client/ server win, duplicate dialog

3.2.2. Set cache size

3.2.3. Operation over cache size

3.2.4. Sync in wifi network

3.2.5. Sign out

3.2.6. About

3.2.7. Get data usage

3.3. Google Analytics