Theodore Boone (kid lawyer)

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Theodore Boone (kid lawyer) by Mind Map: Theodore Boone (kid lawyer)

1. It's the biggest case ever and Theo is in the middle of it

2. Meet Theodore

2.1. He has so much stuff he needs to get off his chest and solves the case

3. Only thirteen years old

3.1. Theodore is only thirteen and is solving the murder case

4. Faceless witness

4.1. Julio's cousin is an eye witness

5. Perfect murder

5.1. Mr.Duffy killed his wife Mrs.Duffy

6. Courtroom champion knows the truth

6.1. Only the judge and the Boones know the truth

7. A little of what's happening

7.1. Theo's mother is a divorce lawyer

7.2. Theo's father is a real estate lawyer

7.3. Theo is an only child

7.4. There is a big case in Strattenburg

8. lets get started

9. I give this book four stars

9.1. Because its a great book for people to read it depends on the person.

10. How is Theo going to sovle the case

10.1. He solves it by his friend Julio and Julio's cousins help

11. By John Grisham