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The Outsiders by Mind Map: The Outsiders

1. Socs

1.1. Cherry Valance

1.1.1. Real name is Sherry Valance; friends call her Cherry because of her red hair; Bob's girlfriend; likes to talk to Ponyboy; probably 15 or 16; seems sassy and respectful to others; helps the gang by spying on the Socs; dynamic

1.2. Bob

1.2.1. Cherry's boyfriend; seems stuck up and cocky; handsome; has black hair; was wearing three rings and drove the blue Mustang from when the Socs jumped Johnny; gets drunk a lot; dies because Johnny kills him; static

1.3. Randy

1.3.1. Marcia's boyfriend; tall with a semi-Beatle haircut; friends with Bob; gets drunk a lot; was also with Bob in the blue Mustang; didn't and doesn't want to fight anymore; dynamic

2. Tim Shepard

2.1. friends with Dally; not apart of the gang but is a Greaser; static

3. Brumly Gang

3.1. fought in the rumble; don't have much importance to the story; static

4. Greasers

4.1. The Gang

4.1.1. The Curtis Family Ponyboy Curtis light brown hair and green eyes; narrator; booksmart and laidback; he is 14 years old; ran away with Johnny because Johnny killed Bob; saved kids in church fire and got hurt and sick from it; realizes that Socs are just normal people; dynamic Darry Curtis cold, careless, angry; serious and hardworking; protective and responsible; 6ft 2 very muscular; he is 20 years old; fatherly-like; gets along with Pony way better later in the book; dynamic Sodapop Curtis Comical, funny, and caring; Long dark combed back hair and handsome; nice guy, happy, kind; he is 16/17 years old; enjoys being with the gang; tried to run away because he was upset from his siblings fighting and his problems with Sandy; static

4.1.2. Steve Randle dislikes Ponyboy and is best friends with Sodapop; cocky; greasy hair; fix anything with a car; he is 17 years old; static

4.1.3. Two Bit Matthews 6ft; stocky rust colored sideburns; comedian; likes school but only to clown around; oldest of the gang; he is 18 years old; static

4.1.4. Dally Winston Leader, violent, and is strong; described to look like an animal;   dangerous, arrested at 10; he is youngest/oldest (probably 19ish); was in the hospital because of arm injury from saving Johnny from the church fire; becomes like a father to Johnny; dies; dynamic

4.1.5. Johnny Cade Beginning: Skinny, young, dark slicked-back hair, tan, big black eyes; abused; timid; 16 years old; starts to take control at the church; dies from injuries from church fire; dynamic