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Passion by Mind Map: Passion

1. Passion for someone

1.1. If someone would put themselves before the person you love.

1.2. In If I Stay, Mia's boyfriend will doing anything to save her even if it will cost him.

1.3. A mother could have a passion for their children. A mother would do anything for their children.

2. Passion for your beliefs

2.1. You keep believing in what you want to believe in, even when people tell you not to.

2.2. Anne Frank kept believing in her Jewish religion, even when people were being killed because of it.

2.3. Even when the blacks weren't allowed in the same churches as whites, they still worshiped in their own churches.

3. Hurt Go Happy

3.1. One of Joey's passions is learning to sign instead of just being a lip-reader.

3.2. Ruth doesn't want Joey to learn sign language and just wants her to lip-read.

3.3. Joey has to overcome the troubles in her family that her learning sign language caused.

4. The Running Dream

4.1. In The Running Dream Jessica has a passion for running. She runs every morning with her dog Sherlock and she also runs track races.

4.2. Jessica has a passion to get a prosthetic running leg after seeing YouTube videos of people with fake legs races.

4.3. Jessica's track team has a passion about raising $20,000 to buy Jessica's prosthetic running leg so that she run for her senior year of high school.

5. Cause of Passion

5.1. In the Running Dream, Jessica discovered her passion for running when she was playing soccer and was running around the field. She then started to love to run.

5.2. In Hurt Go Happy, Joey's passion is caused by her deafness, and by meeting Sukari.

5.3. In both of these books, there is a loss that makes it hard for the character, but they both try to follow their passion anyway.

6. Drive for Passion

6.1. When people keep doing their passion, even when they aren't allowed or able to.

6.2. In The Running Dream, Jessica will go through a lot to keep running. That is her drive for passion, because the team raised money for her, and she helped and accepted the money.

6.3. Marian Anderson was a black singer. Her passion was singing, and wasn't accepted in some places to sing because she was black.

7. Following Through With Their Passion

7.1. In The Running Dream, Jessica does not give up on trying to run again, until she finally can do it.

7.2. Martin Luther King Jr, did not give up on trying to fight for equal rights even when protesters are trying to stop him.

8. Loss of Passion

8.1. You could loose your passion if someone you loved died. (A parent,sibling, child, spouse, etc.)

8.2. you could have to change your goal or passion because of injury, migration, and etc.

8.3. In Faceless, Maisie was in a major fire and it destroyed her face. She has to get a face transplant, but besides her face, she had many other severe burns. She could not run. She figured out that there are other things she could do besides running that she never would have tried if she had not been in the accident.

9. Obstacles Blocking Their Passion.

9.1. Obstacles blocking their passion: What is in the way of their passion?

9.2. In The Running Dream, Jessica has the major obstacle of losing her leg, destroying her dream of running her junior and senior year.

9.3. In Hurt Go Happy, Ruth (Joey's mom) does not want Joey to learn to sign.

10. Passion For Adventure

10.1. Amelia Earhart had a passion for adventure, she was the first American woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia Earhart, was a brave woman and she always craved adventure, because of this she became a great aviator.

10.2. "You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so... Get on your way!" -Dr.Seuss

10.3. "As soon as saw you, I knew adventure was going to happen." -A.A. Milne