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!0 places I want to go to by Mind Map: !0 places I want to go to

1. Sinaloa, Mexico

1.1. One of the best things about sinaloa is there music such as ¨banda¨ and ¨guitarras¨.

1.2. The food is amazing there, they serve the most delicious plates.

1.3. Sinaloa is beautiful it has the best beaches and some of the best views such as culiacan and guazabe

2. Cali, Colombia

2.1. Cali is a beautiful place and its food is great too

2.2. Its history and founders of Cali is amazing too

2.3. The architecture of the buildis is also amazing

3. Medellin, Colombia

3.1. Medellin is famous for its hiking and mountain views and is a beautiful place

3.2. The history is also amazing

3.3. The architecture of Medellin is also very beautiful

4. Chiapas, Mexico

4.1. As almost compared to most of mexico the best food that is very famous is called Pepita con Tasajo witch is almost like a soup

4.2. The nature is also very beautiful

4.3. The people are very peaceful and kind the building are very nice too

5. Brazil, Brazil

5.1. I want to visit Brazil because I love the beach there it is very nice and beautiful.

5.2. The food there they say is amazing

6. Greenland

6.1. I love the snowy weather and although is kind of dull, it is also very peaceful

6.2. They say that the alcohol is strong but good

7. Canada

7.1. One of the best things in my opinion is the maple syrup and that is one of the reasons i want to go

7.2. The nature is also they beautiful

7.3. The weather is also nice

8. Spain

8.1. Spain is a very nice place and are basically related to the Mexicans

8.2. Spain has some very good food that are expensive but good

8.3. The buildings are also very beautiful

9. Italy

9.1. Italy has some of the best foods that are delicious

9.2. the state of Rome is very beautiful

10. Sonora, Mexico

10.1. Alike lot sinaloa, its has the best foods and is also famous for there desert and music