Students Get Involved

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Students Get Involved by Mind Map: Students Get Involved

1. Print

1.1. news letter

1.1.1. give the news letter to all the new students

1.2. we can put the actives that we has at this school.

1.2.1. spanish club

1.2.2. Punjabi club

1.3. Family

1.4. Make friends

1.4.1. dont be afraid

1.5. the sports are fun like

1.5.1. soccer

1.5.2. football

1.5.3. tennis

1.5.4. track x country

1.5.5. wresting

2. Non-technology

2.1. Make a Presentation

2.1.1. show as if you were presenting to principal

2.2. Explain clubs

2.2.1. Show ALL clubs and make them instresting

2.3. Explain sports

2.3.1. Show coaches in and include past awards


2.4.1. Give flyers to all new students

2.5. Make the product look atractive

2.5.1. Add colors and pictures to attract students

2.6. School Activities

2.6.1. Rallies

3. Video

3.1. In video we can add current students

3.1.1. have them say how they made friends

3.1.2. Show them talking to others

3.2. Maybe show teachers

3.2.1. explain how they can help new students Advice

3.2.2. Concelors

3.3. Show school achievments

3.3.1. Awards and sports trophies

3.4. Try to make them funny

3.4.1. Add funny teachers and studetns