CPC Merced Discovery Roadmap

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CPC Merced Discovery Roadmap by Mind Map: CPC Merced Discovery Roadmap

1. Business Overview

1.1. Overview

1.1.1. Elevator Pitch/What makes you Unique? Only Presbyterian Church in Merced passionate about making an impact in the community - Missional focused student ministries college nearby connecting for the first time with a church 17 full-time christian ministers from this group downtown location (only church of significant size downtown) only church in Merced that has a historical/denominational/traditional element Lots of teachers 90% of the church members don't live in the neighborhood of the church

1.1.2. 5 second test Will I fit in? What "type" of church are you? multi-generational with clusters in older generation and young families 2 contemporary services, 1 traditional service not a lot of hipsters bible belt of CA midwestern value system, agricultural contemporary - jeans and t-shirts is no big deal traditional - more dressed up "some people wear their guns to church" - Scott some homeless population (next door to a rescue mission) Super friendly, welcoming outsiders are welcomed but have a hard time connecting (because multi-generational families have connections to the church) How will it make my life better? relationship connections community and belonging you can make an impact (we're about that) What's my first step? After they're a part of the church for a few weeks > Alpha course (10 week engagement for people to come together, share a meal, hear a talk, small group) - alphausa.org Find out more (listen to a sermon, about us section) About us video (overview - 3 min)

1.1.3. What do you actually value? What are you living out in your church? Missional Community Evangelism Biblical Authority Tradition/History (who we have been) Relationships Matter Here ("we love each other really well")

1.1.4. Where is your church going? Missional Engagement in downtown core Multi-site campus approach (built on the strength of student ministry) decision in next 6 months, not opening a campus for a while longer Children - Family Partnership model (Think Orange) - move away from teaching service model More outwardly facing, guest-centric, intentionally evangelistic intentional about discipleship process leadership velocity - developing leadership gifts and connecting passions with areas to lead > sending people out decentralized target your neighborhood (small groups) missional community

1.2. Ministries/"Services"

1.2.1. 2 contemporary services, 1 traditional same message in all 3 all on Sunday

1.2.2. **student ministry** large presence in the community wide variety from multiple schools strong internship program Highschool Fellowship (Sunday Night) Junior High Fellowship (Wednesday Nights) College Group (Monday Nights) annual Mexico mission project (high school, college, adults) outreach oriented fellowships geared towards people without biblical knowledge (seeker-friendly) 90% of students are not from the church background student pop - 250/week

1.2.3. children

1.2.4. adult ministries **young families** bible studies topical studies sunday school **DNow group**

1.2.5. **womens** women's conference ("Fall Women's Conference") attended by multiple churches in the community

1.2.6. mens

1.2.7. summer neighborhood events

1.2.8. "magic wand" fix mens ministry figure out how to relate to men in more of a community/relationship of faith intentional evangelism strategy (doesn't currently exist) tension of staying downtown vs moving to the suburbs (get everyone on the same page)

1.2.9. lots of people doing lots of good things but not very focused overall

1.3. Goals

1.3.1. How do you measure success within your church?

1.3.2. What metrics do you look at daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly attendance giving DNow (small group) participation

1.3.3. What reporting tools do you use? nothing currently

1.3.4. future metrics questions around deep personal connections

1.3.5. List your goals as it relates to the web presence more communication (direct people to the website) - react to it easily driving traffic to the website and into the first steps check out website > come see us for a week or 2 > alpha course online directory up and running increased giving (online payments)

1.4. Numbers

1.4.1. Members/Regular Attenders 513 members average worship attendance - 360-400 student ministry - 250 (not really included in worship attendance)

1.4.2. Giving Units ???

1.4.3. Average tithe/offering ???

1.4.4. Current Annual Budget ~$972k less giving than budget

1.4.5. Budget Over the past 3 years decreased

1.4.6. Trends in membership/regular attenders? small uptick since David started in Dec 15 overall down in last 5 years (slow decline)

1.4.7. Baptisms/Conversions/New Members over the past 12 months? 10-12 baptisms per year (on average)

2. Audience

2.1. Rescue Mission (recovering)

2.2. target audiences

2.2.1. current members

2.2.2. 1) guests/first-time visitors college and young adults (18-25) young families (25-35) study: target men and the family will come

2.3. currently one strategy for approaching all visitors

2.3.1. shake hand, say hello (nothing formal)

2.3.2. working towards creating a welcome center and cards to get a gift

2.3.3. follow-up letter a week or so after their first visit followed by a personal visit (cookies and brief visit)

2.4. Profiles

2.4.1. College/Young Adult (Joseph Yi) Asian male who didn't grow up in Merced. From Southern CA/Bay Area. Usually from a larger city. Has a background in church. Interested in science (science research emphasis from UC Merced). 21. Socially immature. Have more interactions online than in person. Very mobile oriented. Make money from their parents, doesn't work. eat a lot. Seeking GF/future wife. Craving a home. Worship music is important. internal: craving a home. Want older people in their life. connection. community. (+ for multi-generational). part of something bigger than themselves ( a movement). spiritually/emotionally fed. external: music event/worship service, social connection events (pancake breakfast on 4th of July). Access things via mobile devices (where they spend all their time). want something to do (Merced isn't LA). pains/problems: pressure to perform in school (outside temptation of alcohol), relationship with parents and opposite/same sex, limited finances, lack of direction (what does the future hold? what should I do with my life?), government sucks! 6-7 miles from the campus so location/proximity is a barrier. solutions: Alpha course that addresses purpose/meaning questions (also get connected with people). Opportunities to serve together (missional). pair them up with families in the congregation (home away from home). journey to connect with the church: some get connected from a church home that reaches out. word of mouth. (in the future) doing events on campus. First connection is with the college group > come on a Sunday morning. where do we reach them: phones, facebook (UC Merced classifieds), instagram, Starbucks, snapchat, 17th street (only pub/bar hangout in Merced), Emtea, Five Guys (nearest shopping center is 3 miles from UC), The Promenade. A lot of students live off campus. Raleys grocery store and area. top 5 things on the website: look up events. do I fit here? Is there something for me here? (images and content). looking at college/young adults page. (currently have a college group instagram page). looking for social media connection. watch a sermon before they visit. tweaks: gift bag with some swag and other small snacks/treats.

2.4.2. Current Member profile attached - https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/154a155375bae84e

3. Market/Competition

3.1. local market

3.2. affiliations

3.2.1. ECO Presbyterian

3.2.2. Alpha

3.3. potential publications

3.3.1. Compassion International

3.3.2. Christianity Today

3.4. opportunities

3.4.1. Love Merced

3.4.2. Fifth Sundays as outreach/service opportunities

3.4.3. Block parties

3.4.4. DNow groups

3.4.5. **Consistent**Student ministries (90% from outside of the church)

3.4.6. Alpha

3.5. "competition"

3.5.1. First Baptist Merced all staff gone self-focused

3.5.2. Yosemite church "seeker-friendly" - if you were jaded about church, their a good fit + celebrate recovery biggest church in town outreach focused people often leave after a few years and go to a church that has richer teaching and a more solid structure

3.5.3. Gateway community church + music former thriving youth ministry, not as much now self-focused

3.5.4. Merced (online only)

3.5.5. CPC Merced Strengths Youth Ministry Children's Ministry (except maybe Gateway) richer teaching welcoming Feel Spiritually fed here Weakness Location - attracting people downtown (perception that it's unsafe) - large homeless population can turn people away Music needs major improvement

3.6. historical marketing

3.6.1. worked email marketing (Mailchimp) - still work in progress (to promote events) boosting facebook posts

3.6.2. hasn't worked newspaper (stopped last year)

3.6.3. future opportunities direct mail social media presence currently outside signage (digital display) outreach events at University (booths)

3.6.4. marketing Strengths no other youth group is as active on social media have started using Mailchimp for member announcements Weaknesses Lack of staff resources front office staff is not tech savvy (a lot of print items now, not digital) need video person (we have equipment) Opportunities student ministries/college are receptive to social media young families will participate in social media that is being pushed by potential staff Threats

4. Strategies/Tactics

4.1. currently printing physical newsletters on a monthly basis (can't do photos)

4.1.1. looking at going digital

4.1.2. $180 physical cost/mo. (not counting labor)

4.1.3. example - https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/154a1d65ac339f0b

5. Other Notes

5.1. Doesn't love anything about the current site

5.1.1. Has good info

5.2. rough sitemap from CPC - https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/1545969e16ecaed4

5.3. ChMS possibilities - https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/154596d2b70b3a80

5.4. Top 3 competitors (all in North Merced)

6. Stated Needs

6.1. Church Management software integration

6.1.1. Shelby 5.0 (but may be switching)

6.1.2. starting to evaluate other ChMS Shelby Arena Elexio Breeze Realm

6.1.3. User friendly on the backend and play well with PushPay

6.1.4. directory

6.1.5. group messaging

6.1.6. tiered access (for group leaders to access their group)

6.2. Online Giving

6.2.1. mobile - Pushpay http://www.redemptionaz.com/giving/

6.3. Calendar

6.3.1. save to ical

6.4. Sign-up Forms - Register/Pay Online

6.4.1. Easy

6.5. Video/Audio Sermon Library

6.5.1. Topical

6.5.2. have ability to shoot video but not yet

6.5.3. currently uploading audio

6.5.4. examples series layout http://ccv.church/watch like the pop-up overlay snapshot

6.6. Members only resources (behind a login)

6.7. CPC App

6.8. Live Stream Worship Services

6.9. Daily Blog

7. Identified Needs

8. Unique Value Proposition

9. Messaging/Story

9.1. Hero

9.1.1. What do they want as it relates to your brand?

9.1.2. Who does your customer want to become?

9.2. Problems

9.2.1. External

9.2.2. Internal

9.2.3. Philosophical

9.3. Guide

9.3.1. Empathy

9.3.2. Authority

9.4. Plan

9.4.1. Process Plan

9.4.2. Agreement Plan

9.5. Calls to Action

9.5.1. Direct

9.5.2. Transitional

9.6. Success

9.7. Failure

10. Why

10.1. Increase interactive engagement (social media, etc.)

10.2. Site more engaging for people under 50

10.3. ability to update

10.4. current website has very little onsite engagement (1.0 vs 2.0)

10.5. mobile online giving (through Pushpay)

10.6. ***reach new people***

11. Inspiration

11.1. http://www.sapres.org

11.2. http://htc.us/ministries-2/