Lesson 16-20

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Lesson 16-20 by Mind Map: Lesson 16-20

1. Lesson 16 Afirmative and negative sentences .

1.1. I go to the bathroom

1.2. I don´t have money

1.3. They are teachers

2. lesson 19 Where, What, When.

2.1. Where

2.2. When

2.3. What

3. Lesson 18 Who, i hear, i take, this is.

3.1. I hear better

3.1.1. Research and prepare experiment

3.2. I take a taxi

3.3. This is my hat

4. Lesson 17 Parts of the day. I take a shower at 4:00 am, i get dressed at 12:00 pm

4.1. Take and Dressed

4.1.1. I take a shower at 4:00 a.m.

4.1.2. I get dressed at 12:00p.m.

4.2. Questions whit do and does

4.2.1. I do exercise

4.2.2. They does team

5. Lesson 20 Always, Sometimes, Never, How often

5.1. Always have a hungry

5.2. How often do you say thank you?

5.3. Sometimes i need money

5.4. i never stop dance