Metropolitan Museum of Art for Educators

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Metropolitan Museum of Art for Educators by Mind Map: Metropolitan Museum of Art for Educators

1. Kids and Families

2. Teens

3. Adults

4. University Students and Faculty

5. Educators

5.1. Onsite Programs

5.1.1. K-12 Educator Programs Workshops Workshops by Request Summer Educator Institutes Astor Educators for K-12 Learning Upcoming Events

5.1.2. School Groups Guided Visits Self-guided Visits FAQ's Group Guidelines

5.2. Resources for Educators

5.2.1. Lesson Plans Ancient Animals at Work Ancient Mesopotamia Aeneas Art and Storytelling Animal Inspired Masks and Masquerades Arabic Script and the Art of Calligraphy Architecture and the Natural World

5.2.2. Curriculum Resources Art of the Islamic World Art of Africa Art of Ancient Egypt Art of the Ancient Near East Art of Renaissance Europe Art of South and Southeast Asia Arts of Korea

6. Lesson Plans

7. Curriculum Resources

8. Visitors with Disabilties

9. Timeline of Art History

10. The Artist Project

11. MetFamilies

12. MetTeens