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Livescribe by Mind Map: Livescribe
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Need Start Directory for program launcher

If using a program launcher to start Desktop, you need to specify the start directory; pen communication problems otherwise.

Data storage: My Documents / My Livescribe

Can make additional links by writing during playback.

Use "0%" for initial "Play"

Most needed

Pen memory management via desktop


"Time" written function not recognized

Time and Data not on Main Menu


How close to target must you tap?

Can penstrokes be retired/removed from the pen?

Each notebook is an "application"?

Theme: Partnership / boundary with PDA / Phone?

All technology is transitional

Possible Apps

Music player

Bar code scanner


Binaural sound is awesome

Paper address space

Desktop can manage multiple pens

Extractor ring on carry case is useless

Desktop exhibits some slop in animated reproduction of pen strokes.

Very tolerant of pen orientation / rotation!

Can only search one notebook at a time.

Would like

Joystick control on pen

Upload to pen

Useful wallet card

Cap and pocket clip

Audio output adapter

Recording buffer

Add area hot spots

Matching pocket notebook with pen sleeve, command pad, paper

Updates promised

Notebook retirement / "Archiving"

Calculator upgrade