Lines of Evidence for Evolution

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Lines of Evidence for Evolution by Mind Map: Lines of Evidence for Evolution

1. Fossil evidence

1.1. ammonite fossil

1.1.1. bite mark of predatory amphibious reptile

1.2. Duckbill thigh bone

1.2.1. lots of blood vessels, grew quickly

2. Homologies

2.1. Common ancestors

2.1.1. Tetra pods; frogs birds rabbits lizards have same forearm structure

2.1.2. Plants, different leaves, but homologous srycture

2.2. Cell and molecular structure

2.2.1. All have similar or same organelles

2.2.2. Similar DNA

2.3. Developmental Biology

2.3.1. Snakes w/ legged ancestors

2.3.2. Baleen whales w/ toothed ancestors

2.4. Anatomy

2.4.1. Dewclaws

2.4.2. Birds w/ clawed hands

2.4.3. Human and Apes w/ broad chests

2.5. Comparative Anatomy

2.5.1. Tetrapod skeleton changes

3. Distribution in time and space

3.1. Chronologies

3.1.1. Relative dating Older/Younger

3.1.2. Numerical dating Dating using decomposition of elements

3.2. Geography

3.2.1. Distribution of organisms Marsupials found all around the world

4. Evidence by example

4.1. Artificial selecion

4.1.1. Model that helps understand natural selection

4.2. Ecology

4.2.1. Change due to surroundings

4.2.2. Natural selection

4.3. Experiments

4.3.1. Guppie evolution, mate and surivie

4.4. Nested Hierarchies

4.4.1. Related traits and DNA