Lines of Evidence for Evolution

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Lines of Evidence for Evolution by Mind Map: Lines of Evidence for Evolution

1. fossil evidence

1.1. shows us organisms that are no longer alive anymore

1.2. transitional form

1.2.1. Fossils or organisms that show the intermediate states between an ancestral form and that of its descendants

1.2.2. provides evidence that organisms change over time

2. homologies

2.1. related organisms will share similarities that are derived from common ancestors.

2.2. revealed by comparing the anatomy of diffrent organisms

2.3. Anatomy

2.3.1. dewclaws remnants of ancestors with more digits

2.3.2. people (and apes) have chests that are broader than they are deep, with the shoulder blades flat in back were descendants from organisms who were able to suspend themselves on our arms

2.3.3. claws on their wings

2.4. Organisms that are closely related to one another share many anatomical similarities

2.5. developmental biology

2.5.1. the embryological development of living things provides clues to the evolution of present-day organisms

2.6. cellular/molecular evidence

2.6.1. all living things are fundamentally alike

2.6.2. These fundamental similarities are most easily explained by evolutionary theory: life shares a common ancestor.

3. Evidence by Example

3.1. relative dating

3.1.1. temporal sequence positions in rock layers

3.2. numerical dating

3.2.1. decay of radioactive elements

3.2.2. dated rocks by using volcanic material

3.2.3. Geologists have assembled a geological time scale on the basis of numerical dating of rocks from around the world.

4. Distribution in Time and Space

4.1. chronology

4.1.1. relative dating- giving an age based on their positions in rock layers

4.1.2. numerical dating- find age based on decay of radioactive elements

4.2. geography- distribution of living things on earth can give information of the earth's history and the living things on it