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10 Places by Mind Map: 10 Places

1. Africa

1.1. I want to visit this place because of the extraordinary views and majestic animals

1.2. I want to visit Africa to go a adventure in the wild where all the animals are.

1.3. I would want to go visit like schools and see the children and what they are learning

2. New York

2.1. I want to go to new york to see the tall empire state building

2.2. i want to see the FaZe House which is about 15 minutes away from the city of New York.

2.3. I want to go eat at fancy restaurants and also try new food

3. Cancun, Mexico

3.1. I want to see the beaches with the gray sand

3.2. I want to see my family that over there, because i have uncles and cousins there.

3.3. And I would want to try the food and seen the streets and what its like

4. Texas

4.1. I want to try the amazing barbecue ive heard of.

4.2. I would want to see my dads company over there

4.3. I want to see the zoo's and wild animals

5. Hawaii

5.1. I want to visit Hawaii so i can go snorkeling in the ocean and see different animals that I haven't seen before

5.2. Want to eat Shaved Ice

5.3. Have fun with family

6. Argentina

6.1. I want to visit Argentina because that is where my favorite soccer player is from . My favorite soccer player is Lionel Messi

6.2. I want to see the capital of Argentina which is Buenos Aries

6.3. I want to try to pick up the language they speak which is Spanish.

7. Paris

7.1. I want to see the Eiffel Tower and see the view on the top.

7.2. I want to try the croissants

7.3. I want to explore different stores they have and what kind of clothes they have too

8. San Diego Zoo

8.1. I want to see all the 37,000 animals there

8.2. I want to see a gorilla for the first time in person

8.3. I want to see other animals that i haven't heard of

9. Las Vegas

9.1. I want to eat at the casinos

9.2. I want to visit the museum of elvis presley

9.3. I want to see the types of foods that are over there.

10. Oregon

10.1. I want to visit the Oregon Ducks College because that is my favorite team in the NCAA

10.2. I want to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium to see the different types of fish

10.3. I want to visit Washington Park and see how beautiful it is .