Learning Environments

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Learning Environments by Mind Map: Learning Environments

1. One-Computer Classroom

1.1. Limited access

1.2. Sign in/up sheet required

1.3. Limited collaboration in class

1.4. Good for individual catch up

2. One to One Environment

2.1. Equity of access while at school

2.2. Student collaboration is easier

2.3. Students may have limited access at home

3. B.Y.O.D.

3.1. Limited to students who have device

3.2. Students familiar with device

3.3. Teacher may be unfamiliar with device

3.4. No oversight

4. Flipped Classroom

4.1. Students learn at own pace

4.2. Ability to rewind and review

4.3. Class time used to clear up ideas

4.4. Limited by access at home