Refugee Issues

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Refugee Issues by Mind Map: Refugee Issues

1. Target audience

1.1. Young people

1.2. General Public

2. Sports/extra curricular activities for schools

2.1. Find sponsorship for providing enough budget and place to offer extre curricular activities for refugee

3. Tertiary Education

3.1. Cooperate with some tertiary institutions  to enroll some potential refugees in education

4. Refugee Welfare Fund

4.1. Distribute donation boxes to public places such as shops and restaurants as well as go around collecting funds

4.1.1. RFG $%C

5. School Adoption Programme

5.1. Contribute to help build, renovate and maintain community-based school for the child refugees

6. Raise awarness on the refugee issues

6.1. Regfugee Welfare Fund

6.2. School Adoption Programme

6.3. Tertiary Education

6.4. Sports/extra curricular activities for schools

7. Purpose

7.1. remove negative sentiments of the refugee

7.2. understanding the unique issues refugee faces

7.3. more people supporting the UNHCR