The Outsiders Character Chart

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The Outsiders Character Chart by Mind Map: The Outsiders Character Chart

1. Brothers

1.1. Ponyboy

1.1.1. creative likes movies/books likes to read likes to draw pictures p. 2

1.1.2. Physical Traits: light-brown, almost red hair p. 1 gray/green eyes p. 1 long hair 14 years old

1.2. Darry (Darrel)

1.2.1. "gone through a lot" p.2

1.2.2. tough "hard and firm and rarely grins at all" p. 2 had to grow up quickly

1.2.3. Physical Traits 20 years old

1.3. Sodapop

1.3.1. innocent "Sodapop'll never grow up at all" p. 2

1.3.2. understanding "like he's never hollering at me" p. 2

1.3.3. happy-go-lucky "always happy-go-lucky" p. 2

1.3.4. Physical Traits 16 going on 17 years old

2. Greasers

3. Socs (Socials)

4. Other Gang Members

4.1. Steve Randle

4.2. Two-Bit Mathews