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What is happening in Tanzania? by Mind Map: What is happening in Tanzania?
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What is happening in Tanzania?

- LCA TRAINING o Who needs to be trained?  Government: e.g. Social Welfare Officers, Community Development Officers,  District Council members, MVC Committees, Community Justice Facilitators,  Police, Prosecutors, Judges, Institutional staff – prison, remand home,  approved school, residential homes, Day care staff, Health workers,  Teachers/schools/ Training Centres (Vocational Training and apprenticeships), Labour officers o CSO o Other: e.g. Community – Ward Executive, Village Executive, Parents, Members of the community, Children, Employers - How? o How to reach the numbers of people that need to be trained o Requirements for pre service & in service training o Should training be one off/modular training and/or should the training incorporated to existing curricula o Should training on the LCA (child rights, child protection, juvenile justice) be accredited? If yes, how? o Considering short term training needs on LCA v. Long term training needs on the LCA regulations (once they are adopted) - By whom? o Ministries/State Agencies, Training colleges, Professional colleges, Consultants, CSOs o How do you train the trainers? - On what? o What is the scope of the training on LCA? o Is there a core training that could be adapted to different groups with different needs?

What key issues should be discussed at the workshop in January?

What is the policy context as it pertains to child rights education for professionals?

Law of the Child Act 2009 - does it have specific elemernts relating to CR for professions?

What Government initatives are happening in child rights education for professionals?

What civil society initiatives are happening in child rights education for professionals?

CRED-Pro exists and is being used in an unplanned way

Govt of TZ Integrated ECD Policy

UNICEF's Children's Agenda

African Centre for Childhood/REPSSI Certificate programme: Community based work with Children and Youth

Tanzanian Child Rights Forum (via NOLA)

What are the emerging questions / patterns / issues?

Suggestions for next steps

List names and contact details

Matt Banks - Country Director Chidlren in Crossfire - 0788 100477

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