K-5 Bal Lit Look-For Doc Guided Rdg

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K-5 Bal Lit Look-For Doc Guided Rdg by Mind Map: K-5 Bal Lit Look-For Doc Guided Rdg

1. Environment

1.1. Mgt routines are evident

1.2. All students are engaged through independent reading, literacy stations, small grp instruction, etc.

1.3. Materials are readily available for teacher and students

2. Teacher

2.1. Provides fluency instruction

2.2. Meets with small groups of students

2.2.1. =<6

2.3. Uses differentiated text, activities, or assignments

2.4. Teaches decoding/comprehension strategies

2.5. Takes anecdotal notes

2.6. Periodically monitors individual student progress with DIBELS, DRA or Reading 3D

3. Students

3.1. On-task

3.2. Uses differentiated text

3.3. Whisper reading (K-2)/Reading silently (3 - 5)

3.4. Practices decoding/comprehension strategies

3.5. Completes assignments that are realated to the text and focused on a specific skill or strategy

3.6. Completes writing tasks that support comprehension

3.7. Are able to

3.7.1. Explain what they are learning

3.7.2. Explain why they are learning