LG G watch R

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LG G watch R by Mind Map: LG G watch R

1. PROs

1.1. Physical Appearance

1.1.1. Has small and circle screen Blended like normal watch Less obvious/attention seeking

1.2. Straps Designs

1.2.1. Not restricted to designated strap Customizing and ability to swap out straps

1.3. Health Apps downloaded

1.3.1. Available fitness applications Able to be integrated easily with other apps Built-in-pedometer Heart rate sensor

1.4. Battery Size

1.4.1. 410 mAh Solid 2 days battery life

1.5. Sensors

1.5.1. Less Reduced power drain

2. CONs

2.1. Physical Appearance

2.1.1. Traditional looking style Fairly chunky and masculine block Less attractive to

2.2. Weight

2.2.1. Heavy 62g

2.3. Price

2.3.1. Expensive $299.00