JCI Helsinki

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JCI Helsinki by Mind Map: JCI Helsinki

1. Core Competence?

1.1. Exceptional product/service not easily produced by other JCI chapters/orgs?

1.1.1. New node

2. Leadership's Future Vision?

2.1. Where will JCI Hki be in five years?

2.2. ...ten years?

3. JCI Brand

3.1. Professional Org?

3.2. Social/Party Org?

3.3. Community Service Org?

4. Stakeholders?

4.1. Business Community

4.1.1. Partners

4.1.2. Sponsors

4.1.3. Clients

4.2. Members

4.2.1. Families

4.2.2. Employers

5. Drivers of Change

5.1. Globalization

5.1.1. Instability Weather Natural Disasters Natural Resources Water/Food Shortages Economic Unstable Employment

5.1.2. Competition Emerging Markets China/India/S. America

5.1.3. Intl Business Skills Required Cross-Border Proj Mgt Adv Eng Skills Intercultural competence

6. JCI Hki History?

6.1. Legacy?

6.2. What were past leaders's vision for JCI Hki in 2008?