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my map by Mind Map: my map

1. coffee

2. i like watter

3. milk

4. juice

5. My house

5.1. i have

5.1.1. a computer

5.1.2. radio

5.1.3. an TV

5.2. MY ROOM

5.2.1. MY BED

5.2.2. a videogame

6. I breakfast at 6 am

6.1. eggs with ham

6.2. in the school lunchroom

6.2.1. everyday

7. study every night

7.1. in my Barrack

8. I sleep at 11 and a half

8.1. in my bed

9. I get up at 4 and a half

9.1. I shower

9.2. I shave

9.3. and I uniformed me

9.4. We run one hour before dining

9.5. My first class is at seven o'clock

10. hamball game at 12 o'clock

10.1. with my friends

11. I do not like the coffee , I like tea

11.1. I love chocolate

11.2. I'll eat today

11.2.1. chicken with vegetables

11.2.2. and taketh fresh water

12. I always arrive early to class

12.1. sometimes I 'm late

12.2. I never miss school

12.3. together we go to the lab

12.4. English listen audios

12.5. I like every day of the week

12.6. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday

12.7. Saturdays and Sundays 'm with my family

13. I study in the E.M.T.E.F.A

13.1. I like school

13.2. every Monday I have English classes

13.3. I speak very little English

13.4. My friend taught me

13.5. airbase in many helicopters

13.6. we are many students

13.7. we are all soldiers

14. We not watch TV at night

14.1. sometimes on Thursdays

14.2. sometimes we listen to the radio

14.3. We never go to the school library

14.4. in the evenings we have conference

15. only we speak Spanish and some English

15.1. We not speak French , Chinese