Samsung Gear Live

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Samsung Gear Live by Mind Map: Samsung Gear Live

1. CONs

1.1. Watch Designs

1.1.1. No refined smartwatch formula NOT original

1.2. Physical Button

1.2.1. Non-essential for illuminating the watch Lack of colour option

1.3. Material of strap

1.3.1. Rubber Stiff

1.4. Snapping Clasp

1.4.1. Users sliding their hand into the opening Troublesome when in rush

2. PROs

2.1. Physical Button

2.1.1. Bending of wrist and hand Does not gets in the way when using

2.2. Non-essential for illuminating the watch

2.2.1. Tap screen or flicking wrist wakes display

2.2.2. Palming it with hand puts it dimmed always-on mode

2.3. Variety of alternative straps available

2.3.1. Compatability 22 mm band with colours

2.4. Weight

2.4.1. Light 2.1 oz (59 g)