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1. where are you going? lesson 17

1.1. gramar: who+be+ing

1.1.1. Text book p. 55-60

1.1.2. Joseph Conrad "Heart of Darkness"

1.2. vocabulary: joe shaves before class

1.3. vocabulary: the bus is late

1.4. gramar: who+be+ing

1.5. gramar:where+be+noun/pronoun+ing

1.6. function: making suggestions

2. who knows the answer? lesson 18

2.1. gramar: who+simple present tense

2.1.1. Midterm

2.2. vocabulary: mark learns the new words

2.3. vocabulary: i have a notebook

2.4. gramar: who+simple present tense

2.5. vocabulary: i like french fries

3. where do they study

3.1. Physics

3.1.1. Research and prepare experiment

3.2. gramar: where +simple present tense

3.3. what +simple present tense

3.4. when +simple present tense

3.5. vocabulary: i don^t know

4. when does the bus leave? lesson 20

4.1. when does the bus leave?

4.1.1. New vocabulary

4.2. gramar: always, sometinmes, never

4.3. vocabulary: what lenguaje d0 you speak

4.4. vocabulary: tom has rice for lunch

4.5. gramar: always, sometimes, never

5. they eat lunch every day lesson 16

5.1. Reading: alphabetizing words

5.2. vocabulary: parts of the day

5.3. gramar: adjetive every

6. where are you from? lesson 21

6.1. gramar: how many +noun+be+be/do

6.2. vocabulary: where are you from?

6.3. vocabulary: months of the year

6.4. gramar: how many+noun+be/do

6.5. vocabulary: a day has 24 hours.

7. SGTbrown was here yesterday lesson 22

7.1. grannnar: past tense of be (was/were)

7.2. gramar: past tense of be (was/were)

7.3. grannar: yes/no questions with was/were