Product - Lighting Solution

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Product - Lighting Solution by Mind Map: Product - Lighting Solution

1. What does it do?

1.1. Provides lighting in a portable fashion for sustainable use. It will be used in both film and photography for enthusiats as well as professions to allow the flexblity of creating content

1.1.1. Functions Will have manual capabilities to dim and change color temperature Will be compatable with market features to ease users to merge with this product - Bluetooth for mobile devices - Hotshoe mount for cameras - Mountable to light modifiers - Tripod Mount Will provide ~9000 lumens of light at a 120 degree angle CRI value will be held to a >90 CRI for best color rendition Will provide a minimum of 4 hours of run time at 50% brightness

2. Who needs this?

2.1. Photographer and Videographer who are ready to move to the next level of their craft

3. Why is it needed?

3.1. Light is required of what type of film/photography you do. Natural or artificial, still need it

3.1.1. Photographers Allows beginning photographers shape the light using continuous light Allows seasoned photographers used sync flashes Bright continuous light will allow you to do shutter speeds past the sync speed

3.1.2. Videographers Need to be able to light your subject Allows you be more creative by allowing you to shape the light Allows you to be more versatile.

3.2. Current lighting system don't combine flashes with continuous light

3.2.1. Doubling the unit makes the opportunity cost very attract for the modern content creater