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1. One-Computer Classroom

1.1. Saves Space and Cost

1.2. Better Than Nothing (research center)

1.3. Not preparing students for Digital Citizenship

1.3.1. Not on the Road to College and Career readniess

2. Computer Stations / Stand-Alone Computer Lab

2.1. Better Access Than One or Zero Model

2.2. Limited Access

2.3. No flexibility

2.4. Limited Preparation for Digital Citizenship

2.4.1. Not on the Road to College and Career readniess

3. One-to-One Environment

3.1. Excellent Preparation for Digital Citizenship

3.1.1. On the Road to College and Career readniess

3.2. Abundance of Virtual Experiences

3.3. Same Tools at the Same Time

3.4. No Sharing or Waiting

3.5. Costly

4. Interactive whiteboards, student responder techniques

4.1. Easily Viewed, Increased engagement (compared to White/Chalk Board.

4.2. Cost

4.3. Training students and teachers with response units

4.3.1. creating or finding lesson

5. Tablet Computing

5.1. Friendly for Students with Learning Disabilities

5.2. Cost

6. B.Y.O.D. [cell phones, etc]

6.1. No Cost

6.2. Not Equitable

6.3. Not secure

6.4. Inconsistant Platforms

7. Cloud Computing

7.1. Google Free Suite

7.2. Easy access from most devices - home or school

7.3. Low cost

7.4. Security / Permission concerns for parents

7.4.1. Parents need PD too!

7.5. Dependent on internet access

7.6. PD for teachers

8. Blended Learning / Flipped Classroom

8.1. Front Loading, students ready for lesson

8.2. Students can review lessons as many times as they want

8.3. Teacher can focus on guiding and support

8.4. Learning curve and time intensive for teacher

8.5. Dependent on school providing hardware and software

9. Online Learning

9.1. If done right students can self pace and learn self regulation

9.1.1. Students need to be taught this

9.2. Takes away some face to face learning

9.2.1. However, if done right it's a good blend (like they will face in college and career

10. No Computers in the classroom [by design]

10.1. Zero Cost

10.1.1. Hardware

10.1.2. Software

10.1.3. Infrastrcuture

10.2. More Face to Face time

10.3. Hands on VS Virtual

10.3.1. Misleading Because those resources are lacking as well

10.4. Not preparing students for Digital Citizenship

10.4.1. Not on the Road to College and Career readniess