Teaching Philosophy of Mr. Jonas

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Teaching Philosophy of Mr. Jonas by Mind Map: Teaching Philosophy of Mr. Jonas

1. Prepare for life

1.1. Life Skills

1.1.1. Work with other teachers

1.1.2. How does what you're teaching help your students in their lives?

1.2. "The function of schooling is not to enable students to do better in school. The function of schooling is to enable students to do better in life." -Elliot Eisner

1.3. Find schools that promote this

1.4. Relevant instruction

1.4.1. Improve DOK

1.4.2. Cross curricular

1.4.3. Better field trips

2. Safe space

2.1. Better discussion

2.1.1. "If the structure does not permit dialogue, the structure must be changed." -Paulo Freire

2.1.2. Learn other perspctives

2.1.3. Students must be talking as much as possible

2.2. Risk taking

2.3. More questions and curiosity

2.4. Better feedback

2.4.1. Students more comfortable, more likely to take feedback and work to improve

2.5. "The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it's to create a culture where everyone an have ideas and feel that they've valued." - Ken Robinson

3. Learn from students

3.1. Helps inform instruction

3.1.1. Students learn different ways

3.1.2. Different methods

3.2. Students feel included

3.3. Better assessments, better understanding of what they know

3.4. Who are they?

3.4.1. "Without a sense of identity, there can be no real struggle." -Paulo Freire Empathy Purpose

3.4.2. Get to know them. THEY KNOW I CARE

3.4.3. Students get to know themselves

3.5. 2 way street