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1. lesson 16

1.1. they eat lunch every day

1.1.1. affirmative and negative statements presente tense. I eat lunch at 2p.m. I don't eat dinner adjetive every. I eat lunch every day at 2p.m

2. lesson 17

2.1. where are you going

2.1.1. making suggestions mari: let's buy a salad at the snack bar gramar juan:ok let's go

3. lesson 18

3.1. who knows the answers?

3.1.1. grammar who+simple present tense who knows the answers? who+simple present tense

4. lesson 20

4.1. when does the bus leave?

4.1.1. fuction seeking information and responding to questions about schendule do you have? whwn does?

5. lesson 19

5.1. where do they study

5.1.1. grammar where+ simple presnt tense where do they study? what+simple present tense what do they study? when+ simple present tense when do they study?