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Kathy Montoya PC Operating Systems by Mind Map: Kathy Montoya PC
Operating Systems
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Kathy Montoya PC Operating Systems

Windows 7


New taskbar

Windows 7 Installer is easy to use


Slow boot time

You cannot use the system while installing

Mac OS X


Good use of disk cache speeds up boot

Universal menu bar


You have to setup the partitions

Vulnerable to attack

Ubuntu 10.10


Speedy boot time

Beautiful desktop


Adobe Flash player and MP3 music playback are not default installed

Takes a very long time to copy files from one location on an HDD to another

Google Chrome OS


Fast boot time

Google Chrome OS consumes one-sixtieth as much drive space as Windows 7


Cannot be downloaded

Web applications handle specific link types poorly

Operating System Definition

Software, consisting of programs and data, that runs on computers and manages the computer hardware and provides common services for efficient execution of various application software.

Chromium OS


Fast boot

Enhanced functionality through HTML 5


Used primarily by developers

Does not auto-update