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water pollution by Mind Map: water pollution

1. How can it be fixed?

1.1. It can be fixed by doing our own job and not throwing our trash into the ocean.

1.2. Instead of chemical fertilizers, we should use organic, unharmful fertilizers.

1.3. Remove pollutants before the water returns to the ocean

1.4. Raise awareness so the situation does not get worse

2. How have you contributed to it?

2.1. misuse of water, not conserving water

2.2. supporting farms that use harmful fertilizers and pesticides

2.3. not picking up trash from the ocean

3. What is it?

3.1. The contamination of bodies of water caused by human activities. It disrupts the ecosystem and it affects our health.

4. What are the impacts of it?

4.1. Economic

4.1.1. less amount of livestock and fish

4.1.2. less crops due to quality of soil

4.2. Ecosystem

4.2.1. kills plants

4.2.2. harms organisms

4.2.3. ocean acidification- ph decrease of Earth's oceans

4.2.4. harms quality of soil

4.3. Humans

4.3.1. affects health of humans

4.3.2. spread of infectious disease through polluted water

5. How can it be prevented?

5.1. We can remove pollutants before water goes into our ocean

5.2. Not throwing litter and chemical waste into the ocean

5.3. Increase awareness through education