Sensory Perception

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Sensory Perception by Mind Map: Sensory Perception

1. Illusion and Imagination (Optical)

1.1. How do people determine whether their sight is true or not?

1.1.1. reasoning and logic

1.1.2. Belief and truth

1.2. "Seeing is Believing"

1.2.1. "an experience of seeming to see something that does not exist or that is other than it appears."

1.3. Illusion of depth

2. Sight

2.1. 3D vision

2.1.1. Stereovision stereoblindness

2.1.2. height, width and depth? No Our brain is using 2D images from the eyes to create an illusion of 3D

2.2. Lazy eye

3. Real Life Situation

3.1. How a movie changed a man's vision forever

3.2. A man experienced 3d vision when started to see the world with more dimensional and see them more lively

3.2.1. when looking at the forest, a tree becomes a big three-dimensional sculpture rather than a pattern. "That’s a treat."

3.3. 5-10% of the population are living with stereoblindness

4. Technology

4.1. 3D glasses

4.2. stereogrphy

4.3. one-eyed view and two-eyed view

5. To what extent does technology improve human’s sensory perception?

6. Cells and brain

6.1. Type of taste

6.1.1. bitter, sweet, salty and sour

6.2. type of signal

6.2.1. vertical or horizontal lines

6.3. visual cortex

6.3.1. respond to differences in the position of the images

6.3.2. binocular neurons three dimensions

7. How is our perception of truth affected by optical illusions?

7.1. Are visual illusions caused by our eye or by our brain?

8. Area of Knowledge

8.1. Human Sciences

8.2. Social Psychology

9. Technology 2

9.1. telescopes

9.1.1. long distance view

9.2. filters

9.2.1. Thermal camera

9.3. x-ray

9.4. photoshop

9.4.1. fabrication illusion

9.4.2. how do you determine photoshops are really or not? CSI LOL