Patent Applications Include

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Patent Applications Include by Mind Map: Patent Applications Include

1. a petition

1.1. ask for a patent

1.2. list the applicant(s) and inventor(s)

1.3. Give the title of your patent

1.4. identify your patent agent if you have one

2. an abstract

2.1. short technical summary

2.2. includes a statement on how your invention will be used

2.3. used mainly for searching purposes

3. a discription

3.1. makes up most of your patent application

3.2. gives a full description of your invention

3.3. start with background information

3.4. get more detailed as you progress

3.5. clear a detailed

4. claims

4.1. forms the legal foundation that protects your patent

4.2. several claims for each patent

4.3. make all the claims necessary to protect your invention

4.4. some will cover more specific features

4.5. others will cover more general features

5. drawings

5.1. you must include drawings

5.2. makes patent easier to understand

5.3. illustrations must be easy to real a labelled

5.4. refer to them in written discription

6. biological sequence listing

6.1. if amino acid and nucleotide sequences apply to your invention

6.2. you must include them in your application

6.3. you must submit them in an acceptable electronic format