Prince George's County Corruption

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Prince George's County Corruption by Mind Map: Prince George's County Corruption

1. Untaxed Alcohol and Cigarette Trafficking

1.1. Police

1.1.1. Officer Sinisa Simic, 25, of Woodbridge, Va. Mirza Kujundzic, Simic's partner. Brian Stolarz, Simic's defense attorney

1.1.2. Sgt. Rich Delabrer, 45, of Laurel,

1.1.3. Cpl. Chong Chin Kim, 42, of Beltsville

1.2. Business

1.2.1. Amrick Melhi, 51, liquor store owner Ravinder Kauer Melhi, 49, Amrick Melhi's wife

1.2.2. Chung Chen ("Eddie"), Bowie restaurant owner

1.2.3. Amir Milijkovic, College Park auto glass shop owner

2. Bribing for Public Project Contracts

2.1. Jack Johnson, outgoing county executive

2.1.1. Leslie Jackson, council member-elect and Jack Johnson's wife