existentialism/Existential Heroes

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existentialism/Existential Heroes by Mind Map: existentialism/Existential Heroes

1. The man whitout a heart

1.1. Lionel didn't knew when he was born he was a drug addict. he didn't knew he would rob every friend he have cause of this addiction but he tought act in a ways to help everyone around him would make him feel better after all the bad thing that happen to him. Still in some ways we don't know if Lionel is a fictive person like a imaginary friend for michal that teach him how to beat society wall and be a hero in this sociaty. To answer that problem, I took the words of Dumbledore (the link).

1.1.1. Textual evidence: but it turned Lionel was problably the worst of all her boyfriends. He had been addictited and started using again. p. 61 (E-book)

2. like charles said( if we ignore the initial question) : (the link).

3. Are 4F6 and lionnel born to be what they are? Are they some kind of heroes ? Do they have to make sacrifice to be one ?

4. if i resume, Is everyone that is ready to make sacrifice for the good is an existancial hero. This hero would always make sure the others are happy even if they don't care about him or think he's weird like Jesus at the beginning of his path. The only thing that motivate them is to change this corrupeted and full of hatred world in a nice living one and until this goal is achieved they won't stop helping the people around him. If they are borned to be heroes are we borned to be what we are now ?

5. made by: Anthony Mc Connell group: 404

6. dreamlife of toaster

6.1. Is everything that have been born can still live and have some law to protect it like humans ? i think in this question is perfect for this short story. Is it right to do everything whit our child ? We give them life actualy they are our possession. did 4F6 did the right choice ? all of these question can be answer when you read this chapter and there still some of them need to think a little more. So did 4F6 have done the right choice for all the androids on earth, yes if we prioritize the others before us. she sacrifice her baby to let thousands of thousands androids stay able to look at the sky and have some kind of iemotion that comes up when they look at the night sky. She protected the only thing they could have. The only thing that make them androids an not a robot/machine.

6.1.1. textual evidence: ... unable to experience the same feelings and sensatoions. (talking about the androids) p. 135 ( E-book). And so when they walked at night, they could not help but look up into the sky and marvel. p. 135 (E-book.