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Adnan Syed by Mind Map: Adnan Syed

1. Hae Min Lee

1.1. Don(most recent boyfriend)

1.2. Mr. S(person who found Hae's body)

1.3. Ronald(believed to be the murderer of Hae, Primary suspect, Had a similar case to Hae, murderer and rapist)

1.4. Nisha(friend of Hae, supposed call to Adnan that police are using against Adnan)

2. Ex girlfriend/boyfriend(Adnan suspected of murdering Hae)

3. Jay

3.1. Josh(said he worked at a porn shop with Jay and aid Jay was afraid of Adnan)

3.2. Cathy(claims Adnan and Jay came to her house after supposedly killing and burying Hae)

3.3. Jenn(She was told by Jay that Adnan killed Hae)

3.4. Chris(person who knows Jay and said Jay said Adnan threatened to kill Stephanie)

4. Adnan's best friend who said Adnan killed Hae Min Lee and he helped bury her body.

5. Stephanie

6. Stephanie is Jay's girlfriend and said she was bought a present by Adnan on her birthday, but not Jay. Jay said Adnan was threatening Stephanie if he said anything about Hae.

7. Saad

8. Friend of Adnan

9. Raubia Chaudry

10. Friends of Adnan(believes he is 100% innnocent)

11. Laura(friend of Adnan, says there is no payphone at best buy)

12. Asia McClain(claims she saw Adnan during the time of Hae's supposed murder)

13. Anonymous caller(a person who told the police to tell them to check out Adnan after Hae Min Lee was murdered)