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LIGHT by Mind Map: LIGHT

1. Speed of Light

1.1. Vacuum: 3 X 10^8 m/s

1.1.1. Ray Diagram for Eclipse Solar Eclipse Sun, Moon Earth Lunar Eclipse Sun Earth Moon

1.2. Reflection: No Change in Speed

1.2.1. Law of Reflection

1.2.2. Characteristics of Images in ..... PLANE MIRROR Same distance as the object is away from the mirror virtual Image laterally inverted upright same size CONVEX MIRROR virtual upright laterally inverted diminished image wider field of vision CONCAVE MIRROR magnified image, when the object is very close to the mirror upright virtual

1.2.3. Ray Diagram Draw Normal Arrow Angle of Incidence = Angle of Reflection

1.3. Refraction

1.3.1. Decrease in Speed as Light travels to an optically more dense medium Bends TOWARDS Normal

1.3.2. Increase in Speed as Light travels to an optically less dense medium Bends AWAY FROM Normal

1.3.3. Ray Diagram

1.3.4. Dispersion Refraction of White Light through a prism resulting in spectrum of light Violet light bends the most in the prism as it has the shortest wavelength Red light bends the least in the prism as it has the longest wavelength