Culture Discussions

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Culture Discussions by Mind Map: Culture Discussions

1. Building a culture that includes physical offices with strong links across distances - virtually

1.1. Need specific techniques to build triad relationships across geographic distances

2. An ongoing discussion across our entire organization

2.1. How do you get people motivated to want to build culture

2.2. Building "entry points"

2.3. Working conditions survey!

3. Related Resources

3.1. Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

4. Language as a Critical Identifier

4.1. Mentor language vs Being blunt and direct

4.1.1. We are excellent using Mentor Language

4.1.2. Using Mentor Language during hard conversations may not be a good fit

5. Building Leadership

5.1. Taking care if growing management/supervisor positions

5.1.1. Developing effective mgt structures

5.1.2. Trusting "underlings" without interfering and breaking trust

5.1.3. Building consistency around unique situations/positions

5.2. Using Goal Setting PM process as a window to build leadership roles

5.3. Building leadership skills with new people

6. Culture Guides

6.1. The 10 Priorities as a guide to self vs. organization

6.2. Mixture of education and business cultures needed NTC as grow our non-profit

6.3. Build skill sets for "hard conversations"

6.3.1. Practice when going fine

6.3.2. Practice when is not going well