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Passive Design - Non techological option by Mind Map: Passive Design - Non techological option
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Passive Design - Non techological option

Passive Solar

Asses to the sun when sitting down in a room

Most windows should face south 75%

Window area = 15%-30% of floor area

Thermal Mass

The ability of a material to absorb heat. Materials with a high thermal mass operate much like thermal sponges, because they cool a building during the summer by absorbing heat from the sun and releasing it over a period of time.

Refers to the solid part of a building, such as block or brickwork, in which heat energy, from the sun or other sources, is absorbed, stored and then gradually given off.

Buffer Zones

Intemediate spaces which mediate between inside and outside - will have an intermediate temperature

Stack effect ventilation






Natural Ventilation

Fully Openable windows



between 5 and 10 litres of air per person per secound is good amound 0.3 lappps is the bare minium

This is the intentional replacement of stale air with fresh air.


White ceilings

White or bright surfaces

High Ceilings

High windowheads

Skylights - a view of the sky

Splayed reveals

Passive cooling

Shading above windows

Thermal mass - to stabalise temporature

Ground source heat pump

Ventilation paths (see passive ventilation = interated topic)