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Gideon's Trumpet by Mind Map: Gideon's Trumpet
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Gideon's Trumpet

Gideon's Trumpet

Parts 1-5

Parts 6-11

Personal Bio's

Discussion Questions

Actual Recorded Case

Other Vocabulary






Prezi Presentation

Our Own Public Defenders

"My public defender scared me into taking EJJ"

"Willing to Take"

"I also didn't know that I could fight my EJJ case from the ADC..."

The Case Itself






Learning Targets

I can Investigate the meaning of the Sixth Amendment.

I can identify key Supreme Court Cases preceding and following Gideon v. Wainwright.

I can explore the application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

I can understand that Gideon v. Wainwright required the appointment of counsel for those

I can identify the role attorneys play in the judicial process.


Lesson Plan from Annenberg

NACDL Gideon lesson