Beginning a Virtual Library

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Beginning a Virtual Library by Mind Map: Beginning a Virtual Library

1. Website Development or Overhaul

1.1. Clear away clutter

1.2. Use clear signage/add images

1.3. content management system - various users have access to edit content

1.4. coding to keep users within the LLC

2. Memberships

2.1. various databases i.e. Ebsco's Explora Primary

2.2. various e-books i.e. BookFlix

2.3. various web 2.0 applications i.e. Glogster, Mindomo

2.4. Forest of Reading

3. Collaboration with School Board

3.1. board info pushed to all school webpages

3.2. wherever a user is, the virtual library is there

3.3. resources and tools more widely available i.e. Learning Skills package developed by teachers

3.4. assemble a team of TL's

4. Enriching Online Learning Options

4.1. virtual classroom spaces i.e. wikis, blogs

4.2. downloadable tools i.e. graphic organizers

4.3. relevant video tutorials

4.4. facilitate connections between professionals and other learners i.e. links