Green Valley

Data collected and organized from Green Valley Teachers and their 4-20-2016 observations.

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Green Valley by Mind Map: Green Valley

1. PLC

1.1. (HEART) The Collaboration Time Mr Norman

1.2. Although the working conditions survey shows percent decrease of PLC developing instructional practices I think we have grown tremendously in PLC’s since 2014.

1.3. “Teachers work in PLC to develop and align instruction practices” seems low and looks to be on decline

1.4. 66.7 (2012) to 59.1 (2014)

1.5. PLC's are living communities which will continue to evolve, needs are always changing.

1.6. Set some goals to work on Vocabulary, spelling, and grammar vertical alignment

1.7. Special areas could benefit from a group of their own so issues unique to those areas could be more easily addressed and discussed.

1.8. Old data doesn’t display current PLC status.

1.9. What trends or patterns do you notice?

1.10. Work within grade spans

1.11. What other information or data would you want to have?

1.12. Information about what is going

1.13. Flexible grouping for grade span

1.14. Vertical Alignment

1.14.1. Work across grade spans- vertical alignment

1.14.2. We think it could be beneficial for the "transition" grade levels to meet as a PLC to help improve their vertical alignment collaboration. For example, 3rd grade meets with 2nd, 6th meets with 5th etc. 8th with High school

1.14.3. Time/space for vertical alignment within and beyond grade span

1.15. Questions

1.15.1. What can be improved/changed?

1.15.2. What is Working?

1.15.3. What concerns do we have?

1.15.4. Suggested improvements or strategies for 16-17 and beyond?

1.15.5. What does this data tell us about GV?

2. Bus Discipline

2.1. Data about discipline per bus

2.2. Discipline referrals bus by age

2.3. What does bus driver training look like? Are behavior management issues addressed?

2.4. Why are most of our behavior problems on the bus? What are we doing about it?

2.5. Is there one particular Bus that has more discipline problems?

3. Demographics

3.1. Can we get information about parents educational background level?

3.2. Free and reduced lunch has been growing.

3.3. Very little changes to..

3.3.1. Free/Reduced Lunch Percentage

3.3.2. Special Education percentage

3.3.3. Attendance

3.4. Free and reduced lunch decreased in 2015- curious about 2016/2017 data

3.5. EC population going up slightly

3.5.1. When was Special Education percentage pulled? (3/2016)

3.5.2. Looking at grades and gender in special education

3.6. WCS Special Education Population

4. Discipline

4.1. Discipline data per grade

4.2. It would be to display discipline based on gender

4.3. Behavior referrals aren’t really decreasing

4.4. It would be good to see which students repeat behaviors for office referrals

4.5. Can we see discipline breakdown by grade span?

4.6. The bus seems to be an area of concern regarding disciplines issues.

5. Growth

5.1. Growth data for EC students?

5.2. EOG growth data too!

5.3. Good growth trend in EOG scores

5.4. HUGE MOY 3rd grade TRC growth

5.5. How do you hold the students attention?

5.6. We are seeing a lack of perseverance in kids, which partially connects to PBIS and partially connects to academic activities.

5.7. How do we gauge student interest, are we making an effort to do that? Choice Boards, are we engaging them truly?

5.8. Building that from the get-go, working up through middle school.

5.9. Student engagement directly correlates with growth - the bubble group that is ok doing “good” but we struggle to motivate to do great

5.10. We have a lack of common planning time that allows us that valuable time to have important grade level conversations about engaging kids, what works and what doesn’t, etc.

5.11. We, as a staff, are not quite ready to have honest, constructive criticism conversations but we need to head that direction in order to grow.

5.12. How are we rewarding student behavior / is it effective? How to we shape our rewarding that we have expected behavior, and rewarding works for going beyond what is expected?

5.13. Idea of looking at growth vs. looking at proficiency; having growth will lead to proficiency

6. Proficiency

6.1. 1st and 2nd rock math

6.2. EOG percent proficient has grown in math, reading, and science over the past 3 years

6.3. All tested curriculum has improved each year for three years.

6.4. Patterns: math and science scores are improving over past 3 years. Overall k-3 reading scores are improving from BOY to MOY.

6.5. Proficiency in all areas are growing

6.6. What has changed to increase proficiency?

6.7. Proficiency in ELA, Math, and Science growing every years since 2013

6.8. WOW! 3rd Grade MOY Proficiency

6.9. Kindergarten and 1st grade expectation for end of year are not age-appropriate

6.10. 1st Grade EOY Math has been higher than county average past 2 years

6.11. 2015 Science Scores! Great in all EOG’s

6.12. EOG percent Proficiency is increasing each year

6.13. What is the breakdown of the teacher turnover rate at GV and years of experience?

6.14. How do we increase math EOG proficiency?

6.15. EOC Math?

6.16. Growth in EOG proficiency each year

6.17. We have grown in EOG proficiency steadily- Common Core, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year

6.18. Once we get used to it, they will change it like they always do. Start over (heart)

6.19. 1st grade EOG math assessment is higher than WCS average in all categories

7. Reading 3D Proficiency

7.1. 1st EOY 46 – 2nd BOY 29

7.2. County wide Reading 3D knowledge would be nice to know

7.2.1. Is there a way to see county wide data, so we can compare our data with other schools?

7.3. 2nd EOY 66 – 3rd BOY 52

7.4. K-2 Teaches to Read, 3rd starts testing strategies

7.5. Trend in TRC 1st grade is a downward direction B.O.Y.

7.6. E.O.Y. Level J is end EOY Goal

7.7. Reading 3D means nothing to older grades. We have never been trained on it and don’t know what it means. We don’t even look at it.

7.7.1. How much info do the upper grades teachers really NEED to know about 3D? What is beneficial? What isn't?

7.8. Summer growth in TRC Scores (K EOY 19 -1 BOY 24)

7.9. Summer loss in TRC scores, May 15

7.9.1. We talked about how data overall dropped from EOY to BOY. This tells us things are lacking over the Summer (ie. low support at home) Hopefully Reading "Camp" will improve these areas.

8. Geometry 2nd Grade

8.1. Geometry in 2nd grade low county wide investigations??

8.2. Geometry is an area of improvement for 2nd grade

8.3. County data in measurement and data and geometry at 2nd grade

8.4. 2nd grade geometry for 2014 only place where we were behind county but ahead in 2015.

9. Other

9.1. Collaboration rates increased this year (although no data was graphed)

9.2. Data is old and is not reflective of our school today- I think our numbers are higher

9.3. How many math extra curricular activities do we have at GV?

9.4. Major improvement in cleanliness

10. Attendance

10.1. Tardies reflected in attendance/??

10.2. Tardies don’t seem to be addressed

10.3. Attendance has been consistently good.

10.4. Absences reflect chronic “offenders”

10.5. We have no data for tardies and early check-outs available today.

10.6. Out of 350, we have 20 kids absent every day.

10.7. What trends or patterns do you notice?

10.8. All teachers present feel this is detrimental to student achievement. They are missing instruction.

10.9. What other information or data would you want to have?

10.10. Why did this change from previous years?

10.11. How does this compare to the county? The state?

10.12. Keep good records on early check-outs and tardies and troubleshooting with problem students.

10.13. What concerns do we have?

10.14. Tardies and early checkouts add up to lost instructional time. Why is this not addressed in our school/county policies?

10.15. 95% isn’t bad...overall our students like being here.

10.16. What can be improved/changed?

10.17. Michele could explain and clarify exact reasons absences are excused/not excused.

10.18. Questions

10.18.1. Suggested improvements or strategies for 16-17 and beyond?

10.18.2. What is Working?

10.18.3. What does this data tell us about GV?