Golden Eagle

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Golden Eagle by Mind Map: Golden Eagle

1. Map

2. Status

2.1. Endangered

3. Habitat

3.1. deserts

3.2. mountains

3.3. plateaus

3.4. air

4. Biome or Ecozone

4.1. Forest

5. Human impacts on the species

5.1. Human persecution resulted in declines in many parts of the species

6. Photo

7. Action Plan

7.1. Law to impose ban on the hunting of the species

7.2. NGOs should persue the provincial government for developing a law to ban hunting of the Golden Eagle

7.3. I can put up posters for the reservation of the species when I go near it's habitat

8. Biology

8.1. body length of 30-40 inches, a wingspan of 6.5-7.5 feet

8.2. Dark Brown

8.3. Lay 2 eggs usually

8.4. live for 30 years usually

8.5. Kingdom:Animalia

9. Resources