Organisation of notes regarding the 360° Feedback strategy.

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360 by Mind Map: 360

1. Social Media

1.1. Twitter

1.1.1. Retweet Related Posts

1.1.2. Create Tweet Posts About Our Content

1.2. Tumblr

1.2.1. Autobio fiction posts

1.2.2. Use as a warehouse for SM posts

1.2.3. Create Vlog About Blogs, Promos, etc.

1.3. Facebook

1.3.1. Post Related Content

1.3.2. Comment on Related Content

1.4. Instagram

1.4.1. Ask James for personal photos

1.4.2. Repurpose for other Networks

2. Social Media Tools

2.1. Hootesuite

2.1.1. Use HS as our SM management tool

2.2. IFTTT

2.2.1. Create social media recipes based on conditions. "If This Then That"

3. Workflow

3.1. Follow Festival Posts

3.2. Find festivals and update festival calendar.

3.3. Post autobiographical fiction blogs 2x a week.

3.4. Target keyword phrases and topics that we find popular thru SM.

3.5. Once we find the trends and popular topics. Begin our own discussions.

4. Blog Posts

4.1. What is Caravanning?

4.1.1. Informative and descriptive article for beginners and those new to the subject. Also important to create posts that appeal to those new to caravanning or are considering it for the first time.

4.2. Who is for?

4.2.1. Articles targeting festivals and festival goers.

4.3. Why is it great?

4.3.1. Benefits of caravanning.

4.4. Content Curation

4.4.1. Piggyback on festival traffic.