Assessing Organisational Health and Infrastructure

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Assessing Organisational Health and Infrastructure by Mind Map: Assessing Organisational Health and Infrastructure

1. Direction: A clear sense of where the organisation is heading and how it will get there.

1.1. Vision

1.1.1. Clarifying the core reason behind what we do and the projects that we undertake Stratergy Connect, 90 day Clear detailed stratergies Supporting Infrastructure, 90 Days, Milestone 8

1.2. Collaboration

1.2.1. More intergroup teamwork

1.2.2. Paring of Responsibilities Manager Performance Shared Goals

1.2.3. Acknowledging and working with differences Belbain Culture Team Roles

1.3. Clear

1.3.1. Reduce time waste in conflict politics

1.3.2. Less short term reactive management

1.3.3. More discipline and focus on longer term goals

1.3.4. 17: Decision quality

1.3.5. Leading by Example

1.3.6. Better communicate priorities of individuals and how that applies across the business

1.4. Transparent

1.4.1. Communication Open Knowledge Share ideas within and across the team/group/business Everyone has information to make good decisions Face to Face Ensure that everyone Understands where the business is going

1.4.2. Consistency in decsion making framework

2. Leadership: The extent to which leaders inspire actions by others

2.1. Attitude

2.1.1. Share Interaction

2.1.2. Leadership

2.1.3. Courage Have the hard conversations, put our egos to a side. To get the right outcomes

2.1.4. Responsive

2.1.5. Self Improvement Challenge Self Seek Engineers Australia Intiative

2.1.6. Transparent

2.1.7. Postive

3. Culture and Climate: The shared beliefs and quality of interactions within and across organisational units.

3.1. Suporting

3.1.1. Recognition Congratulate: Acknowledge each others good work

3.1.2. Support individuals and there needs

3.1.3. Diversity Understand everyone has different backgrounds Culture/Race/Religion/etc.

4. Accountability: The extent in which individuals understand what is expected of them, have sufficient authority to carry it out and take responsibility for delivering results.

4.1. Consistancy

4.1.1. Quality Improvement Program

4.1.2. That the foundations work are clear and unchanging

4.1.3. Same Tasks done same way by different people

4.2. Accountability

4.2.1. Mutal input and accountability

4.2.2. Delivery Bringing work to a conclusion on time

4.3. Decisions

4.3.1. Ensuring that all decisions and the reasoning incl. background is recorded and accessible and traceable

4.4. Quality

4.4.1. Doing it right the first time Quality > Quantity of documentation More Discipline and focus on longer term goals

4.4.2. Failing Foward

4.4.3. Something Here that people are looking for but not sure what it is. They have not articulated it fully

5. Coordination and Control: The ability to evaluate organisational performance and risk and to address issues and opportunities as they arise

5.1. Big Data

5.1.1. Data Quality Better storage/management of data to improve quality assurance and accessibility TWIS upgrade

5.1.2. Data Analysis

5.2. Record keeping

5.2.1. Drawing Method of controlling and tracking changes to assets and drawings.

6. Capabilities: The presence of institutional skills and talents required to execute strategy and create competitive advantage.

6.1. Skills

6.1.1. Professional Process Biological Physical Separation Civil Structure and Buildings Hydrolics Project Management Construction Consultant Internal

6.1.2. Technologies GIS Programing Office

6.2. People Skills

6.2.1. Communication

6.2.2. Listening

6.2.3. Teaching and Mentoring XX: Developing direct reports and other

6.2.4. XX: Managing vision and purpose

6.2.5. Priority Setting Time Management Knowing what to drop

6.3. Process

6.3.1. Streamlining "Red Tap Elimination" Program Identify impediments and develop better ways to do it ISO55001: Asset Infomation

6.3.2. Quality Document Control One Source of Infomation

6.3.3. People Development Rotations

6.4. Technology

6.4.1. Budgeting Efficient and Integrated System System for CAPEX Capital and Renewals

6.4.2. Automation Electronic Approvals Business Case Visits to T.P's Form

7. Motivation: The presence of enthusiasm that drives employees to put in extra ordinary effort to deliver results

8. External Orientation: The quality and flow of new ideas and the organisations ability to adapt and shape itself as needed.

8.1. Engagement

8.1.1. Engaging the broader business Fieldtrip

8.2. Responsive

8.2.1. Customer Focus (Internal and External

9. Innovation and learning: The quality and flow of new ideas and the organisations ability to adapt and shape itself as needed.

9.1. Energetic

9.1.1. 36: Motivating others

9.2. Innovation

9.2.1. Rewarding Promote Bright Ideas

9.3. Challenge

9.3.1. Continuous improvement

9.3.2. 13: Confronting Direct Reports

9.4. Creativity

9.4.1. Taking Time to think outside day to day core tasks

9.5. Embrace Opportunties

9.6. Efficiency

9.6.1. Identify impediments and develop better ways to do it

9.6.2. Shedding our work that does not need to be done


10.1. Is Direct Quotes