Jim Crow Laws, Immigration, Post US Civil War

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Jim Crow Laws, Immigration, Post US Civil War by Mind Map: Jim Crow Laws, Immigration, Post US Civil War

1. Jim Crow Laws

1.1. Segregation to any non-white

1.2. No sexual relations between black & white

1.3. Mongral race will destroy America

1.3.1. Jim Crow Etiquette Not to shake hands with any non-white No affections towards white if not white Always seat in the back of a white man Can not be gentlemen with non-white women

2. Immigration

2.1. 1890-1920 highest immigration rate

2.2. Mid 19th century immigration helped the economy and labor

2.3. Expansion of the US

3. Plessy v. Ferguson

3.1. Separated but equal

3.2. Segregation

3.3. Lead to Brown v. Board of Education case

4. Spanish American war

4.1. US into an imperialist power

4.2. Races: Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Philippeans, and Cubans.

4.3. In association to Philippeans American war

5. New Amendments

5.1. 13th amendment

5.1.1. Abolish slavery in the US

5.2. 14th amendment

5.2.1. Born in the US will be given citizenship

5.3. 15th amendment

5.3.1. NO more segreation

6. Reconstruction

6.1. Own land as a form of freedom

6.2. Were given the old plantations

6.3. Restriction to areas

7. Asians

7.1. Were seen as the lowest race

7.2. Referred to unassailable peopple

8. White Negros and the Smoked Irish

9. Blacks, Italians, Jews, Latin-Americans, Irish

10. How did the Jews become white folks