lyre bird

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lyre bird by Mind Map: lyre bird

1. threats

1.1. hunters

1.2. pollution

1.3. global warming

1.4. habitat loss

1.5. predators

2. adaption

2.1. Large strong legs to dig for food

2.2. It can leap with great speed thus getting it to longer distances

2.3. Is very territorial

2.4. Can glide in air

3. number

3.1. the population may be decreasing but it is not rapid and the range is very big (20 000 km)

4. human interaction

4.1. very rare birds, but in forests in Australia lyre bird are familiar with humans and human can come 10 feet towards the bird without it running or flying away

5. behavior (habits)

5.1. mimics sound that it hears and usually runs and does not fly

6. map

6.1. Australia: victoria, new southwales

7. cause of endangerment

7.1. habitat loss

7.2. urbanization

8. feeding

8.1. insects

8.2. seeds

8.3. earthworms

8.4. spider

9. conservation

9.1. no special conservation

10. reproduction

10.1. mother lays 1 egg and takes care of it for 50 days

11. habitat

11.1. rain forests

12. characteristics


12.1.1. brown body, tail shaped like a lyre (Harp like instrument), long claws for feeding purposes and long legs for running.

13. status

13.1. least concern

14. appearnce


15. mimicry