Geography: Settlement

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Geography: Settlement by Mind Map: Geography: Settlement

1. Types of sites

1.1. Wet point site

1.1.1. Has a good, clean water supply

1.2. Bridging site

1.2.1. At a point where you can cross a river easily

1.3. Defensive site

1.3.1. Easy to defend from attack

1.4. Gap site

1.4.1. At a gap in a ridge of hills or mountains(and usually on a good route between them)

1.5. Dry point site

1.5.1. Safe from flooding

2. Site

2.1. A place where an actual town grew up

2.2. Eight good reasons why people would settle and have a site there

2.2.1. Protection

2.2.2. plenty of water

2.2.3. not too much water

2.2.4. easy to cross rivers or marshes

2.2.5. building materials

2.2.6. supply of wood

2.2.7. flat land

2.2.8. Shelter

3. Rural

3.1. Settlements in the countryside

4. Urban

4.1. Settlements in the centre of a city

5. Suburban

5.1. Settlements in the outskirts of a city

6. Settlement shapes

6.1. Dispersed

6.1.1. Buildings that are well spread out

6.2. Nucleated

6.2.1. Building that are bunched up

6.3. Linear

6.3.1. They have a long and narrow shape