Hanmer Values Group visit to Ilam School

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Hanmer Values Group visit to Ilam School by Mind Map: Hanmer Values Group visit to Ilam School

1. What we did

1.1. We watched the school jump jam

1.2. Attended a school assembly

1.3. Visited the University over lunch

1.4. Had morning tea with Ilam children

1.5. Had a tour of the school

1.6. We had a meeting with the values group

1.7. Got a chocolate fish

2. Meeting with Ilam Values Group

2.1. They showed us some of last years values videos

2.2. Talked about what values group meant

2.3. Discussed/shared the ABCD rockets and posters

2.4. Showed the values group posters (eg) integrity

2.5. Told about values kids behaviours change once they come onto the vlaues group

2.6. Assemblies

3. What does values group mean?

3.1. It is about being positive and use good language around each other.

3.2. Being kind and caring to each other.

3.3. Always aim for the top standard

3.4. High expectations

3.5. Child generated rules

3.6. Roll models

3.7. Leadership

4. Values Videos

4.1. We watched one of the videos it was about respecting the playground and property

4.2. They planned the video like a news cast. It was about the value Respect

5. Values Posters

5.1. We saw one. This was about integrity.

5.2. They made a poster to illustrate the values of integrity.

5.3. It had the word integrity and had examples of the kinds of things you would do to show integrity.

5.4. The posters are in every classroom.

6. Values Assembly

6.1. Values group show videos they have made about values in assemblies.

6.2. They talk about a value - give a speech/presentation about it.

6.3. They share posters in assembly

7. Our Ideas for the remainder of Term 4 2010

7.1. Focus on the value of respect through respecting our school environment

7.2. Aim to stop littering and have children clean up the school grounds, not just walk past litter

7.3. Collect litter for one week and put in a pile, make a video and share it in assembly. Discuss about how it wrecks our environment.

7.4. What we need to do...

7.4.1. Collect rubbish and put in 'secret bin'. We will do this at the end of lunch time at the 5 minute bell. We will do this 23/11, 24/11/ 25/11, 27/11, 28/11

7.4.2. On Wednesday 29/11 we will make a video. The message will be 'Respect our school environment'

7.4.3. We will present this in assembly - we will use the respect song.