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Wolf (Canis lupus) by Mind Map: Wolf (Canis lupus)
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Wolf (Canis lupus)


they live in Deciduous Forest and arctic tundra.

Human Impacts

Wolves have been hated and feared by the western world because they were thought to be killers of livestock and people and the wolves were hunted near extinction in north America.


Endangered (and in some places Extinct.)


40-80 pounds

3-4 feet long from nose to tail

reddish brown, black, or gray

offspring,5 or 6 pups by the time they are 1 they are the same size as a adult


varies from forests to arctic tundra. The areas that they live in have winter and summer seasons.

Map of the Range

See Attachment

Action Plan

wolf control needs to be based on biology rather than emotion. We should use good scientific information when deciding if wolf populations need to be reduced. Educate people about wolves and their habits.